Queens Jazz OverGround

Brian Woodruff Sextet w/guest vocalist Bogna Kicińska

Duane Eubanks – trumpet
Lisa Parrott – alto & soprano saxophone
Alan Ferber – trombone
Pete McCann – guitar
Sam Bevan – bass
Brian Woodruff – drums
Bogna Kicińska – vocals


The Brian Woodruff Sextet boasts a stellar cast of musicians and performs original compositions and arrangements that cover a wide variety of moods, grooves, and harmonic styles.  The sextet is designed to incorporate the extended compositional possibilities of a big-band while retaining the improvisational flexibility and economic advantages of a small group.  Our music is undoubtedly cutting-edge modern jazz, but we hope you’ll still be tapping your feet, nodding your head, and humming some of the tunes on your way home.

…well written, wonderfully performed, it’s all very human, too.  That sets his music apart.  -Gray Hunter, A Hand In the Act of Writing

…supreme technical delivery…adds up to a very significant, incrementally impressive reading of this quite wonderful music. Raul Da Gama, JazzDaGama

…one can feel the deep rootedness of the author in the post-bop traditions…interesting, creative and deserving of careful listening. -Leonid Auskren, Jazz Quad

arranged with a soulful crispness reminiscent of Oliver Nelson…Woodruff has managed the knack of making a small group sound bigger than it is.  -Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

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