Queens Jazz OverGround

Brian Woodruff and Friends

Hashem Assadullahi – alto & soprano saxophone
Hyuna Park – piano
Sam Bevan – bass
Brian Woodruff – drums

Brian Woodruff and Friends boasts a talented and revolving cast of musicians performing a mix of Brian’s original compositions with inspiring music he has encountered through a lifetime of study and work, performed by a straight-ahead but adventurous quartet.

well written, wonderfully performed, it’s all very human, too.  That sets his music apart.  -Gray Hunter, A Hand In the Act of Writing

…supreme technical delivery… –Raul Da Gama, JazzDaGama

…one can feel the deep rootedness of the author in the post-bop traditions…interesting, creative and deserving of careful listening. -Leonid Auskren, Jazz Quad

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